Sony patents Segway-esque skateboard

It's not quite a hoverboard, but Sony looks to be set to take at least two wheels of the venerable earthbound skateboard (and apparently make up for them in size), if this recent patent its been granted is any indication. Known only as the "vehicle steerable by movement of center of gravity" for the time being, the board appears to be fairly similar in operation to the Segway, with the carrot-nosed rider simply required to lean slightly in the direction s/he wants to go to get the wheels' independent electric motors into gear. Those worried about the prospect of a motor-assisted face-plant will also apparently be able to opt for the relative safety of three of four wheels. Sony also seems to have other possibilities for the technology in mind, including a bicycle configuration and a two-boarded setup, with one foot controlling each. This just being a patent, of course, there's no indication as to when it'll actually be available or how much it'll cost.

[Via New Scientist]