Walletex mods its flash drive for MP3 playin' duties

We spied that Walletex WalletFlash drive a ways back -- 2005, in fact, the veritable dark ages! -- but now it looks like those Walletex peeps are getting extra fancy, with this new Wallet MP3 Player of theirs. The whole "oh my gosh how did they make an MP3 player that thin" factor is hampered by the extra little USB to mini-jack adapter that's required to get any sound out of this thing, and of course the lack of a screen or tactile buttons isn't stellar. Still, the corporate branding options should raise some interest, and the 128MB to 2GB capacities provides some nice flexibility. No word right now on price or specifics on the June 2007 availability, but perhaps we'll be seeing more of this one next week at CES.

[Via OhGizmo!]