Bezos tests first prototype rocket, not available with "one-click"

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been keeping his Blue Origin space venture under tight wraps since its founding in 2000, but the company has now finally decided to show its progress off to the public, announcing that its first prototype rocket recently underwent a successful test flight and providing the pics and video to prove it. The craft, dubbed Goddard, took off from Blue Origin's launch site in Texas on November 13th, with the entire flight lasting less than a minute but apparently going off without a hitch. Bezos also seems to be hoping this latest development will fuel another recruiting drive, with the company taking the opportunity to announce that it has about 15 new job openings to fill. Check out another pic of the craft in mid-flight after the break, then click through on the link below for the grin-inducing video. No word if Bezos and crew engaged in a life-sized game of Lunar Lander after everybody else went home.

[Via CNET]