Cowon's upcoming A3 and Q5 PMPs are fit as fiddles and ready for love

While we'll miss our sexy, chest hair-free modeling friend, it's nice to finally see Cowon's new A3 PMP (top), a followup to the lovable A2, up close and personal. As expected, the 4-inch 480 x 272 player now includes a DMB receiver, plus a spiffy new "DaVinci" video processing chip from Texas Instruments to improve playback in some indeterminate way. Cowon's Q5 does it all one better, however, with a 5-inch touchscreen, GPS support of some kind, DMB, WinCE 5.0 and an external HSDPA module. No word on screen res, but there's plenty of hawterness to be getting along with already. These two players and plenty more from Cowon will be on display at CES -- specifically, the D2, N2, U3, T2, F2 and X5, for any model number junkies out there -- so we'll be sure to drop kick a few and let you know what's what.

[Via dapreview]