Engadget now optimized for CES

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.06.07

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Ryan Block
January 6th, 2007
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Engadget now optimized for CES

With CES comes the expectedly massive news deluge, so we've also launched a CES optimized page for browsing Engadget. As you've probably noticed above, you can select which news layout you want for the week -- classic Engadget, or CES optimized (also at ces.engadget.com), which you can switch between at will.

You're not going to miss any news on either page -- all our stories hit both layouts. It's all the same content, just a better way to read it during the CES news rush. Click on for a breakdown of the content and how the page works.

Welcome to CES 2007, Engadget style.

  1. CES page layout selection
  2. Current Engadget news
  3. Macworld 2007 news - look here for live MWSF keynote coverage, etc.
  4. Breaking news section
  5. Featured CES content - look here for CES keynotes, hands-ons, floor show coverage, etc.
  6. Featured galleries - hot gadget pr0n at your disposal.

  7. More CES coverage - continues chronologically after the first column ends
  8. Engadget Mobile and HD feeds - get your latest cellphone and home theater headlines in the midst of the action
  9. Featured media - this is your dropbox for the latest videos and podcasts
  10. RSS feeds - option number 3 for getting your Engadget news.
  11. Other CES coverage - more CES coverage from sister sites and AOL news.
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