UNIT2 from iRiver mixes DVD player with DMB and WiFi

iRiver's parent company Reigncom has released a photo and some sparse details of a WiFi-enabled DMB that apparently does a lot more than just connect to the internet and show digital TV. According to Akihabara News, the UNIT2 also features a DVD player, Portable Media Player capabilities (which implies that some solid state / hard drive storage is part of the deal), and IPTV and VoIP support thanks to the aforementioned integrated WiFi. The device itself appears to be rather large -- each of the stereo speakers has the same surface area as the display -- so we're assuming that this is a non-portable device for now. As the details are sparse, and iRiver and Reigncom's inhospitable Korean sites aren't helping, we're unsure about how exactly all these features will work together, although we'd suggest that the remote control with integrated display is the control system. Despite the fact that iRiver is showing off this and 11 other devices at CES next week, we really wouldn't be surprised if this feature-packed WiFi TV is a Korea-only exclusive. Such is life.