Apple to unveil 802.11n Airport Extreme X2, X4 at Macworld?

Alright, deep breaths, we might have us some actual pre-Macworld Apple news here, and we don't want anybody passing out on us. It looks like Apple is indeed hopping on board the 802.11n bandwagon, with its own draft-N devices going by the name of Airport Extreme X2 and X4. We're not positive what's the difference between the two versions (though we're sure X4 will be bringing twice the Xtreem of its counterpart) but it could have something to do with that DualBand 802.11n technology which showed up in Linksys' new WRT600N, with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency support to bust up on interference -- just a guess though. This news comes to us courtesy of a loose-lipped Macworld Expo "Advanced Wireless" session description, so it could very well be one of strongest rumors we've heard yet of an actual Macworld product launch from Apple -- let's just hope there's at least one more thing.

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