Live at the Yahoo press conference

We're here live at the Yahoo press conference, where they're talking about their efforts in mobile internet. Marco Boerries, SVP Yahoo! Connected Life, just started in about Yahoo's interest in providing content and services to users across a range of devices via its new Java-based client running on Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and RIM phones.

* Mobile devices outnumber PCs worldwide; internet is going mobile. Users want services optimized for their mobile phones, not just a PC sync experience.

* Yahoo! Go 2.0 mobile user experience -- uses My Yahoo! settings and personalization. Changes you make on your phone are mirrored back to your My Yahoo! account

* Localization -- search localization, tailors search results to your current location.

* Flickr integration -- upload and manage images from the phone. Share, browse, and search Flickr photos.

* E-mail -- a streamlined client on your phone, searchable and manageable

* Yahoo! oneSearch -- not just PC search condensed to the mobile phone. Highly contextual search based on your search terms: search on a location, instead of getting thousands of results filtered by relevance you get results tailored to a location: current weather, local events, geo-coded Flickr photos, news, maps. Search on a movie, get results tailored to a movie: a synopsis, cast, when/where it's playing locally, driving directions, news. Later this month oneSearch will be available as a browser-based service for web browsers on phones that can't run the client

* The app is downloadable today from

* Monetizing via advertising

* Demoing the app: carousel menu at the bottom with Yahoo widgets, to be opened later this year for user-created widgets. Carousel includes widgets for oneSearch, news, sports, finance, entertainment, sports, weather, Flickr, mail.

* Finance ties to your portfolio from Yahoo! Finance to show relevant stock quotes and news; Entertainment shows news, web images based on search term; Flickr interface offers upload, friend invite, my contact's photos, etc.; Email offers search, attachment support, etc.

* "The internet in your pocket"

Now it's time for Q&A:

Audience: what are the remaining roadblocks with the carriers? Marco: We're talking to all the majors. We want to reach every phone.

Audience: how do you balance unbridled (and possibly negative) user reviews with the desires of your advertisers? Marco: We've already been dealing with this on the PC side, there aren't necessarily any new challenges here particular to the mobile side

Audience: can advertisers pay to get higher listings for search terms? Marco: Just like on the PC we always make a distinction between paid advertising and algorithmic relevance listings; it may look different on the mobile phone but we'll always denote that.

Audience: say you're looking for an obscure website and it doesn't come up in this contextual search, is there a way to tweak that? Marco: We have full transcoding built into it, you'll be able to see relevant web results as well.

That's all, folks! Yahoo peeps are walking around with phones demoing Yahoo! Go.