Live from Gary Shapiro's and Ed Zander's CES keynote

Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association, and Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, are doing the honors for this morning's keynote address to CES attendees.

8:41AM PST - The keynote has kicked off with a video detailing the forty years since the first CES.

8:43AM - Gary Shapiro takes the stage.

8:45AM - CES is about "New Convergence" this year: convergence of content, services, and products.

8:51AM - Must help consumers understand the new convergence; CEA's parternship with CNET, broadcast, and cable are a part of that. Band "3 Doors Down" helps consumers understand the audio experience.

8:55AM - Because good content is often rewarded with fame and fortune (including consumer-generated content), we'll see an ever-expanding array of content choices.

8:56AM - Though it shuns commercial piracy, CEA believes that consumers have rights -- lawfully-acquired content should be fair game if kept within the home.

8:58AM - Ordinary consumers are not pirates -- pushes

8:59AM - Introduces Ed Zander, points out that Motorola exhibited in the very first CES forty years ago.

9:04AM - Ed Zander takes the stage. "Mobile ME: Internet goes Airborne."

9:06AM - Jokes that the gargantuan Dynatac 8000 is being reintroduced.

9:09AM - "It's no longer the device... it's your persona."

9:10AM - "Three big thoughts: everything becomes digital, everything gets connected, broadband/IP becomes ubiquitous."

9:12AM - 10-second wireless downloads of MP3s in 1-2 years via WiMAX and LTE.

9:14AM - Motorola working on a dynamo and holster for bicycles that can be used to charge phones in emerging markets.

9:16AM - Announces partnership with Yahoo.

9:17AM - Introduces Marco Boerries from Yahoo.

9:18AM - Introduces Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 with oneSearch, mobile-optimized search. Working woth Motorola to integrate software with new phones.

9:21AM - oneSearch is location-aware, showing local businesses associated with search keywords.

9:24AM - Talks up Yahoo! Go's Flickr widget.

9:26AM - Beta available today from, compatibility with 400+ phones by end of year. Will be proloaded on many new phones.

9:29AM - Zander returns to keynote. Discussing easier ways to get music on and off phones. Showing ROKR E6. Introduces Chris White, Motorola Multimedia Experiences.

9:30AM - Shows MODOACTV A2DP headset. Contains microphone and phone controls. Ships first half '07.

9:32AM - Talking up partnership with Kodak for Bluetooth printing.

9:34AM - New partnership with Warner Music to "recreate music experience of '70s and '80s" with interesting new packaging and information on emerging artists packaged with phones.

9:35AM - "Experience Pack" offers additional information about the artist; wallpapers, bios, etc.

9:36AM - Introduces MOTORIZR Z6 slider, Linux-based, Windows Media DRM, allows users to create playlists with music purchased from multiple online sources.

9:39AM - Available first half of '07.

9:41AM - Turns attention to enterprise. Danny Shader, Good Technologies comes out.

9:43AM - Shows Q with Good replacing Pocket Outlook.

9:46AM - Announces partnership with NewsGator to integrate corporate news feeds into Good software.

9:50AM - Danny Shader exists, Zander resumes. Turns attention to home. Dan Moloney, Motorola Connected Home Solutions comes out.

9:52AM - Talks up ability to restart shows from their beginnings using Motorola DVRs.

9:54AM - Motorola "FollowMeTV" technology - placeshifting from Motorola DVRs.

9:55AM - FollowMe includes photos and music in addition to TV programming. Also follows to phones. Verizon launched last year, Comcast will be launching this year.

9:58AM - Shows mobile remote software on a RAZR, allows the set-top box to be programmed for recording remotely. Operators will be able to push targeted ads to phones based on what the user is recording.

10:01AM - Shows live video on a Q being placeshifted from an IP set-top box in San Diego.

10:02AM - Moloney finishes, Zander returns. Wrapping up.

And that's it! More on Motorola's new products throughout the week.