SanDisk intros USBTV

Uh, usually when people talk about moving media around the home though don't mean it quite so literally, but SanDisk is announcing a new standard called USBTV that's based on just that practice. We're still trying to get our heads around the announcement, but it sounds like USBTV is for anyone who doesn't want to deal with connecting up and streaming over a wireless network. Basically you connect up a flash-based, USBTV-enabled media player to your PC via USB, automatically copy over your content, and then physically shuttle the device to a cradle connected to your TV. Honestly doesn't sound much different than using an iPod with a video dock connected to your TV, but no matter, SanDisk says they've already talking to LG, Mitsubishi, and Pioneer about incorporating USBTV ports directly into their TVs and are showing off a prototype device that they're confusingly describing as a Digital Flash DVD Player.