Seagate FreeAgent keeps your friends close, and your data closer

Seagate is attempting to shed its image as a stodgy, traditional hard drive company and is going for a new line of pocket-sized drives called FreeAgent. These new drives include a set of software designed to keep track of your online passwords, settings, email and pretty much any piece of data that you can think of, thereby allowing you to sync stuff from your home PC with any other PC out there (we're guessing that these drives aren't Mac-friendly). We still think that most folks who want to carry around that much data would just as soon keep a laptop or a PDA within arm's reach instead of dropping anywhere from $140 to $420 to get their hands on one of these 12GB to 750GB FreeAgent drives; but hey, Seag' probably knows a bit more about this industry than we do. The company is also touting its new online storage service to host a half gig's worth of photos and other files, which will be free for the first six months -- that is, starting when all this stuff debuts next month.

[Via CNET]