Taser International unveils Taser C2 Personal Protector

While we've yet to hear of any mishaps or hijinks, the folks at Taser International are apparently braving the crowds at CES to show off their latest bit of non-lethal weaponry, the Taser C2 Personal Protector. Available in your choice of black, silver, blue, or pink, the C2 has a range of up to 15 feet for long-range attacks and can also be used as a contact stun device if you fail to get the jump on your attacker. Those looking to trick out their Taser beyond the basics can also opt for a model with an integrated laser sight, although many of the other options available on higher-end Tasers, like the Taser Cam interface, have been eliminated from the C2 to keep costs down, with the base model starting at just $299. According to Taser, you should be able to get your hands on one sometime this April, though you'll have to wait 'till you complete a background check before they'll give you the code to activate it.

[Thanks, Richard D]