Travel Ojo flip-video phone coming to UK?

At CES this week WorldGate Communications, a former partner of Motorola, unveiled its third Ojo video phone which they're calling the Travel Ojo. Unsurprisingly, they're pitching this model as a travel device -- the clue's in the name -- by packaging it up in a luggage friendly flip-phone style case. WorldGate has also announced a partnership with British Telecom, so the Travel Ojo could potentially be the first Ojo device to make the trip abroad. Current Ojo devices are priced somewhere between $300-400, so an exchange rate conversion would suggest a price of somewhere between £150-200. However, as our UK readers will no doubt attest, direct currency conversions tend not to fly when it comes to pricing UK gadgets, so expect to see some sort of premium over the US price. Either that, or we might see some sort of subsidized deal with a BT Broadband package. A geek can dream, can't he?

[Via ShinyShiny]