Victim spots stolen GPS on eBay, seller gets pinched

We love hearing about stolen gadgets and the weird ways they're recovered. Take the case of Mr. Wronged (real name has been changed to protect the innocent ... and we don't know it) who had his GPS unit stolen right out of his car, a perfectly natural place to store such things. When confronted with his loss -- and his lousy sense of direction we presume -- he was propelled into the comforting embrace of eBay, eager to renew his GPS relationship, going so far as to replace his lost unit with the very same model. So, imagine his surprise when he found his exact unit, easily identified by its "special power cord" and verified by serial number. After the eBay seller -- one Mr. Danial Rangkar -- was arrested, police discovered dozens of similarly stolen gadgets that would have ultimately made their way to his (now disabled) eBay account. Too bad Mr. Wronged didn't get a chance to leave feedback. To right that wrong, we'll take this opportunity to return harmony to the universe:

Fast delivery. Product is great ... just like when it was stolen from my car. Do not use. F minus!

[Via Fark]