Konami wants your music for the next DDR

Are you secretly producing some sort of euro-trash-cum-bubbly-pop wonder song that could whip the whole world into a certain state of stomping in place? Konami sure hopes so, as they're once again teaming up with Broadjam to find the next big thing in Dance Dance Revolution -- you!

Konami is looking for songs that are at least a minute and a half long, above 120 beats per minute and include "strong and/or catchy melodies." Any chosen songwriters will get $1,000 and have their music featured in a future game, but, as the contest site oddly notes, "There is no guarantee there will be any winners." Considering you have to pay up to $20 just to enter, it sounds like someone could be making out like a bandit here.

Last year's contest produced four winning entries, all of which debuted (and coincidentally, died) on DDR Ultramix 4 for the original Xbox. With Konami pouring less and less original effort into songs for their Bemani series, contests like these are increasingly valuable to them. It's either this or they dig through the dusty Beatmania library for one more go of "20, November."