Oops! Sony declares SIXAXIS Emmy, Emmys say "uh-uh"

We weren't sure why the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences decided to give Sony's evolutionary SIXAXIS controller a Technology and Engineering Emmy and, evidently, neither were they. After Sony blasted out a press release proudly proclaiming the honor -- and after the internet rubbed its collective eyes raw -- we've learned that Sony wasn't alone in receiving an honor from the Academy. The list of Emmy Award winners for "Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers" include Sony Computer Entertainment of America and ... Nintendo! Did Nintendo's innovative Wiimote share the honor with the motion-sensing SIXAXIS? Not quite ... Séamus at Hydrapinion did some legwork and discovered that, while Sony had won an Emmy for Technology and Engineering, it wasn't for the SIXAXIS. Instead, Christine Chin from NATAS confirmed that Sony's Dual Shock as well as Nintendo's D-Pad (NES pad?) won "for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks." Oops! You know what they say happens when you assume ...

[Thanks, Ben]

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