Belkin intros USB-powered laptop Cooling Stand

While it's easy to assume that most laptop stands will inevitably increase the airflow surrounding the case, therefore cooling your machine off somewhat, that's apparently just not enough for some of the lap burners on the market today. For those who just can't part with their searing machines, Belkin has unveiled a new Cooling Stand that purportedly prevents your laptop from overheating. Of course, if it literally takes a fan to curb an overheating problem, you might have something a bit more serious on your hands, but alas, this trendy white / silver riser sports a modern, slightly curved design with a fan located in the center of the unit. Its self-proclaimed "high-capacity blower" moves air out from under your lappie and is powered entirely by your USB port (the one not powering that USB seat cooler), so you can drain your already weak battery even more when trying to keep cool on the go. You can snag one of these wind machines late next month for $29.99.

[Via TechDigest]