Cingular kicking rear and taking names for iPhone

The bad news: in case you haven't heard, the iPhone's still a few months off yet (boo!). The good news: Cingular is more than happy to take down your 411 right now and you'll be "among the first" -- along with virtually every Internet-enabled citizen in the world -- to hear when it hits (yay!). Contain youselves, folks, and continue to use your indoor voices, please; there's really nothing new here. Big Orange's signup page looks pretty stock, and we wouldn't be terribly surprised if it'd been cobbled together only after actually finding out yesterday just what it was it signed up to exclusively offer along with everyone else. We've also managed to score Cingular's iPhone announcement for business customers; its similarly unrevealing, though it does make note that Apple has banned Cingular from offering discounts on the most important consumer device ever iPhone to business customers. Sorry, Premier customers, but not much of a surprise there. Click on for the full document straight from the horse's mouth.

[Thanks, sysengr]

Cingular Business Markets Group

Announcing the Cingular – Apple Exclusive Partnership – The iPhone

Cingular and Apple have formed a multi-year exclusive partnership, leveraging the strengths of both companies, to create revolutionary new wireless products. The first of these products is the iPhone, an innovative wireless phone combining the reliability of the Cingular network and the simplicity and functionality of an iPod. It will be available in June 2007, exclusively on the Cingular network.

BMG professionals please note that at launch, the iPhone will not be available to BMG CRU customers or available under IRU discount programs.

Phone Details

Cingular is the exclusive U.S. carrier for the iPhone and will work only on the Cingular network; new and existing customers can purchase iPhone in June 2007

There will be two models at launch, a 4 gigabyte model will retail for $499 and an 8 gigabyte model will retail for $599; the iPhone is fully compatible with Apple's iTunes running on either a PC or Mac.

Where to buy the iPhone:
iPhone will be available in Cingular retail stores, at, and will be offered through Cingular's direct mail/direct response channels in June 2007; The iPhone will also be available in Apple stores and at

Details on the qualified service plans will be made available nearer to the launch date (June 2007).

• The iPhone is a fully functional iPod, all iTunes Store content can be used on the iPhone, including 4 million songs, 350 TV Shows and 250 Movies
• Song and video capacity depends on the memory size of the device purchased
• Featuring Apple's renowned innovation and ease of use software and hardware design
• Visual Voicemail: a first on any mobile phone available today in the United States
• Customers receive Cingular service and all the benefits of network reliability, Rollover minutes, and mobile to mobile calling to 58 million customers
• Access to MyAccount via the device and the iTunes site, allowing customers complete ability to manage their Cingular service
• iPhone has unique internet browsing capabilities: EDGE, GPRS, GSM Quad-band, and is WiFi capable

Qualified Cingular Rate Plans:
Details will be available closer to launch.

Potential Customers:
Encourage your customers to register at . By providing their name and email address, customers will be notified when the iPhone becomes available.

Critical Must Know
• Cingular and Apple have an exclusive multi-year partnership to create revolutionary wireless products
• The first of these – the Apple iPhone - will be available only on the Cingular network; combining the reliability of the Cingular network with the simplicity and functionality of an iPod
• Customers who purchase an iPhone will have a direct relationship with Cingular as their wireless provider (this is not an MVNO or Reseller agreement); customers will have Cingular service and receive Cingular bills
• Both existing and new customers will be able to purchase the iPhone
• The iPhone will only be available in Cingular and Apple stores and websites, and through Cingular's DMDR channel
• The device will not be available until June 2007


Q. Will I be able to get this device under my existing BMG contract (CRU)? Why not?
A. BMG customers will not be eligible for the first version of the device. Cingular will be selling through Cingular retail, Direct Marketing/Direct Response and The iPhone will also be available in Apple stores and on

Q. Will my corporate discount (IRU) apply to this device? Why not?
A. The agreement between Cingular and Apple does not allow discounts on the device.

Q. Will this device support corporate email?
A. The device will have an internet browser at launch. Email capabilities of the phone will be defined closer to launch.

Q. If my BMG account wants this device, how can they participate?
A. BMG customers can buy the device, but not a discounted price. In addition, BMG customers will not be eligible for any service discounts.

Q. Does this decision not to offer this device conflict with existing BMG contract terms?
A. This does not conflict with existing contracts