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Video: R2D2 projector, webcam and lightsabre Skype phone

Video: R2D2 projector, webcam and lightsabre Skype phone
Randall Bennett
Randall Bennett|January 10, 2007 8:50 PM

This could be reaching out to our geek audience a bit too much, but the combo media dock-cum-projector housed in the Nikko Electronics R2D2's guts has to get at least a look. Besides the fact that it's the iconic little droid, the projector's remote is housed in a Millennium Falcon Hyperdrive, adding to the geek cred. Granted, the $2,500 price tag could be a bit prohibitive for your 12-year-old Star Wars obsessed nephew, but maybe he could give the wireless R2D2 webcam, or the Anakin Skywalker Lightsabre Skype phone a go. Regardless, check out the gallery below and the video after the break (or get your download on, if that's your thing).

[MP4] Download the video

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