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Audiovox shows off DV7600XM XM Mini-Tuner home theater system

Audiovox is broadening its XM love from the portable / in-car units to a home theater in-a-box with its DV7600XM XM Mini-Tuner home theater system. This all-in-one solution features 600-watts of earth-movin' power, five satellite cubes, a passive subwoofer, and a slim, retro-styled DVD player / XM tuner. While we assume you'll find the usual assortment of AV ins and outs, there's not too many details floating around on this one just yet, but if you're scouting a 5.1 system with a dash of XM already throw in, the DV7600XM should go for $159.95 when it skedaddles on out of CES.