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Video of LG's KE850: it's no poser

Sure, LG's KE850 might have some of those sexy iPhone looks and a strikingly similar interface, but the beauty's just skin deep, right? Not so fast, buckaroo. It looks like LG has been putting a lot more work into this thing than they've let on -- to be honest, they haven't let on a whole lot -- and stuffed in animated menus, purtiful video playback, touchable scrolling and other eye candy. It doesn't look quite as well put together as Steve Jobs' RDF would have us believe the iPhone is, but it's dang close, and makes Apple's offering look a lot more "evolutionary" than "revolutionary." Plus LG's KE850 is supposedly slotted for March or April, giving it a nice jump on the iPhone's planned June release date. Just tell us this thing has 3G, and check the video after the break.

[Thanks, Jonathan]