LG's BH100 hybrid Blu-ray / HD DVD player unable to be sold sans HDi?

Just when every patient, fence-sitting individual finally rejoiced that a single unit was being introduced to solve the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray dilemma, we had a hunch things wouldn't be perfectly peachy. Sure enough, the BH100's dirty little secret could keep the machine a secret altogether, as it reportedly won't be able to claim HD DVD-compliance (and consequently, hit shelves at all) without support for HDi. Playing a bit of favorites, the player provides the goods to show off those BD-J extras just fine, but users hoping to experience the lovely bonuses requiring HDi would be sorely disappointed. According to BetaNews, the player cannot receive the necessary thumbs-up from the DVD Forum with such a void in its makeup, and even suggested a very dark, unwanted result could end up happening, you know, like the BH100 getting the axe. Nevertheless, we certainly hope LG gets on the ball and throws in the (scarcely used thus far) HDi support, or else we could be facing yet anotherreversed decision in the combo player arena.