Samsung does NOT plan on releasing a HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player

The Internethasbeenbuzzingthelast few days with 'breaking news' that Samsung is going to release a combination Blu-ray/HD DVD player. (link to our post) Sounds good right? Well, we are sorry to inform you that Samsung has no current plans to release such a device. None, what so ever. We contacted Samsung Electronics America's PR department this morning after this story was on Digg's front page. A rep was very happy to talk to us and indicated that, yes, it is just a rumor. She provided us with this statement from a few days back.

Samsung Electronics is fully committed to the Blu-ray format and currently only has plans to introduce a Blu-ray player to the market.

While it would be great to have a dual format player, do not expect one soon. Eventually, we will probably see one if both formats are successful. However, if one format dominates over the other, then we may never have a need for a combo.