LG: No combo Blu-ray and HD DVD player this year

Those waiting for a dual-format player to solve the conflict between HD DVD and Blu-ray will be waiting at least a little longer, or maybe forever. LG had indicated they would be replacing their canceled BD199 Blu-ray player with one capable of playing both formats, but they told TWICE that they have no plans to release such a device this fall. They did mention that they have been a strong supporter of the Blu-ray format, with their GBW-H10N burner already available, and when queried about 2007 only responded that they have not finalized their 2007 product plans yet. With Samsung still maintaining their "no plans" line and Ricoh's multiformat laser not due till the end of next year and still playerless it could be a very long wait for a compromise. We're trying to remain optimistic but we know how these types of things usually end up.