Polaroid's CGA-02540 provides ClickFree backup for photos

For those aclimated just enough with technology to understand the basic functions of a point-and-shoot, but not intelligent enough to utilize a "My Pictures" folder or understand the concept of "one-touch backup," Polaroid's CGA-02540 is coming to the rescue. Designed for those who basically have a self-induced BSOD whenever they touch a mouse or keyboard, this 2.5-inch 40GB backup drive is programmed to work specifically (read: only) with photo files, and requires absolutely zero clicks to sniff around one's HDD, locate newly uploaded files, and backup only the latest pictures while leaving the originals in tact and in place. The ClickFree unit is so simple, in fact, that there's not even a single button on the enclosure, and if your PC sports a powered USB port, you won't even need to figure out how to utilize an AC adapter. Of course, clueless Mac users will certainly be in a quandary when trying to figure out why their machine isn't running "Windows XP or 2000," and we highly doubt 40GB is enough "for a lifetime of photographs," but nevertheless, the CGA-02540 should be available for purchase sometime this quarter for a currently undisclosed price.

[Via EverythingUSB]