AirSoft Project 2.0 touts four times the firepower

As if having your own USB-controlled turret wasn't lethal enough, the creator of the original has now completed AirSoft Project 2.0, gracing us with a bigger, meaner, and more potent weapon to mow down office mates and erratic offspring alike. By utilizing similar parts as before, but adding a radio-controlled option, laser, and quadrupling the firepower, this mechanical sentry most certainly brings the pain, and can reportedly pump out 1,500 rounds per minute for when things get really rough in the trenches. While its inventor claims that everything can be assembled in just 10 hours, and rates the project difficultly at a mere "amateur" level, we'd still recommend only the veterans in the house even give this one a go, but considering the "$150 to $250" it'll cost you just in parts, let alone the C++ / Javascript coding that you'll be doing behind the scenes, we doubt too many privates will get involved anyway. Mr. Bouck did note that upon completion, he realized that hooking it up with both USB and RC controls might have been overkill, and recommends that any copycats utilize just one method or the other. So if you're all amped from the recent Jack Bauer powerhours, and you're eager to get started on this ruthless mission, be sure to hit the read link for the full breakdown -- but only after you click on through for a quick briefing video first.

[Thanks, Tom]