Bodelin intros eye-contact device for webcams

Bodelin looks to be doing its best to improve the underused art of webcam etiquette, introducing a periscope-like contraption that'll let you look at the person you're talking to straight in the eye instead of giving them the usual view of your hairline. Similar in principle to the company's less consumery ProPrompter teleprompter, the SeeEye2Eye unit works simply by reflecting the image from a carefully positioned window on your monitor through a set of mirrors and onto a beam splitter plate placed in front of the webcam, which ensures that the cam still gets a clear shot of you. Those looking to put on a more polished remote presentation can also make use of the optional teleprompter software to deliver your lines to you without anyone being the wiser. You'll still have to wing it for the next week or so though, with the SeeEye2Eye set to launch on January 22nd in both desktop laptop models for a hundred bucks apiece.

[Via The Raw Feed]