VirginMega France to sell DRM-free MP3s in March

What do you do when a judge slaps down your case and leaves you no hope whatsoever? Apparently, you just do whatever the heck you want, including ditching that whole "DRM" idea altogether. Yep, as shocking as this may sound to we Americans who are essentially forced to juggle some sort of DRM on a daily basis, the French VirginMega store is planning to offer up quite a few (200,000 to be exact) tunes directly through its online music that are devoid of any DRM whatsoever, and moreover, are encoded as 256kbps MP3 files. Of course, we aren't certain if these tracks are on major or indie record labels (aside from V2Music, who has already signed on), but regardless, this is certainly a move that will elicit smiles on those fed up with proprietary formats not playing nice with a wide variety of DAPs. So if you're not too picky on what tunes you listen to, and you're down with supporting DRM-free music regardless of genre, keep an eye out for the new catalog opening up to French users this March.

[Via DJing]