Nike Speed+ watch details leaked

There's nothing official yet, but a fast-acting visitor to Nike's just-launched Nike Store Europe website looks to have gotten the scoop on the company's latest exercise-related gadget, snapping the above screenshot of the product page for the hereto unheard of Nike Speed+ watch. Not surprisingly, the page was taken down soon after, although the screenshot we're left with manages to capture most of the key details. Basically taking the place of the iPod in the Nike+iPod equation, the watch will wirelessly receive distance, pace, and other data from the Nike+ sensor on your shoe and display it on its backlit LCD screen, also giving you the option to offload that data for uploading to the website. In another sure sign that the page wasn't quite ready for prime time, it unfortunately doesn't give any indication of price or availability, although from the looks of it, it would seem that it's coming sooner rather than later.