Apple confirms 802.11n unlock fee, but it's just $2

Ok Apple, you hassle us with those incessant advertisements, you exude smug hipsterocity, and this iPhone hype has really gotten out of hand, but we're going to let you pass on this 802.11n thing. Sounds like you're really trying to do the right thing here, but you just didn't want to get busted on some sort of accounting snafu -- it's alright, we understand. Next time you might try not being so sneaksy with those hidden features and stuff, but we're still kind of glad to have the functionality all the same. That's why we're going to skip over that episode of "Johnny and the Sprites" we were hoping to download from that iTunes Store of yours, snap up this little download for its $2 "distribution fee" (last time we heard it was $5, but Apple is saying $2, so all the better) when you make it available, and only complain about it six or seven times to our close friends and / or mom. We care that much.

Your friends,

[Thanks, Matt]