Patent troll strikes again: OPTi heads after Apple this time

With a $7 million settlement from NVIDIA under its belt, and an AMD suit in process, OPTi is really coming on strong in this whole frivolous patent suit thing. Of course, we never were so up on that whole "Predictive Snooping of Cache Memory for Master-Initiated Accesses" family of patents (there's three of them, all named the same thing -- we know that much), so we very well could be overlooking a hefty amount of intellectual property owned by OPTi that the big bad computer industry -- in this case, Apple -- is trampling upon, but somehow we doubt it. The patent was filed on January 16th in the US District Court of Easter Texas, a popular spot for ill-advised tech-related patent law decisions. We can't say this one is looking good for Apple.

[Thanks, DeShaun]