AT&T's Unity plan widens "unlimited in-network calling" umbrella

If you still haven't managed to wrap you mind around this whole AT&T / Cingular dealio, don't sweat it -- you're not the only one. Luckily, all you need to know that if you're currently getting a pair of AT&T bills, one for your cellphone (Cingular), one for unlimited local calling and long distance on your AT&T (or BellSouth) landline, you're about to have a chance to save some Anytime Minutes and worry about one less bill with the new AT&T Unity plan. With about 100 million phone numbers being serviced by the new AT&T deal, it sounds like a good amount of people are going to be enjoying the benefits of the merger. Unfortunately, consumers that are currently getting by on just a mobile line won't be able to talk for free to their newfound AT&T landline brethren unless they sign for an unlimited landline as well -- which goes for about $50 a month -- so not quite everybody is going to be feeling the love.

[Via GigaOM]