Macworld goes in-depth on the new AirPort Extreme

Dan Frakes at Macworld has published an in-depth article that delves into just what the new AirPort Extreme is all about. Pointing out some of the details we covered in our original post, Dan goes the full mile and then some with a history of the device and explanations of some interesting new features. Most notably, he unfolds fancy new technology like the multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) feature of 802.11n, as well as a new time-based access control system which lets you specify times that each device can access the internet. Are your kids (or your roommate?) spending too much time on MySpace when they should be doing homework on their MacBook? No sweat - just use Apple's easy-breezy AirPort Utility to cut 'em off until... well, whenever you feel like it.

Dan also covers what's missing - things like Gigabit ethernet (which, given the fact that it's been in Macs for years, still blows my mind) and the once-standard antenna port. He even pulls an industry price check to make sure Apple isn't taking us for too much of a ride with the new station's $179 price. All in all it's a good state-of-the-AirPort-Extreme for anyone interested in this recent sleeper release from Apple.