Magic Mirror -- voyeurism while you shop

We try to keep it on the low, but when it comes to clothes shopping, the Engadget crew is like a gaggle of school girls -- running up and down the aisles comparing outfits and finding the latest accessories to go with our gear. Well the malls might be a bit quieter now, thanks to IconNicholson's Magic Mirror which, not unlike it's Snow White namesake, lets you get the opinion of others before making a decision. What it does is let you try on virtual outfits and share with friends, allowing them to then text you back with a yay or nay. Besides the main panel where you can see your proposed new look, there are two other panels: the left showing you available pieces from the store, while the right offers up info on accessories that you might like. IconNicholson is scarce on the details of how it is exactly your friends are getting this feed from the dressing room, but it best be most secure, because we know all too well how miscreants like to take advantage of technology.