Razer's DeathAdder gaming mouse reviewed

So you've thrown down some major cabbage and gotten yourself a serious gaming PC for the new year, and now you want a mouse just as fitting -- well look no further than Razer's DeathAdder, say the guys over at ExtremeTech. They took the sinisterly-named peripheral for a spin, all the while pitting it against their previous fav, the Logitech G5. Well after some grueling rounds in the pits, the DeathAdder eked out a tie with the champ, garnering a 10/10 rating and the lofty distinction of being one of the best mice they have ever used; Team ExTech loved everything about the slithery rodent, from the feel of the rubberized shell to the perfectly placed thumb buttons to the fully customizable drivers. So based on the review, it seems that any gamer even remotely serious about their ranking should be considering, if not knocking down the doors to add this glowing glory to their arsenal -- if they can deal with "only" five buttons, that is.