Motorola to lay off 3,500

Could the unprecedented wave of RAZR popularity finally be drawing to a close? Probably not -- CEO Ed Zander says Moto sold more of them this past quarter than ever before -- but that isn't stopping the world's number two manufacturer from tighting the belt a notch and cleaning up shop. On account of some lackluster performance to close out '06, the company looks to drop about 3,500 folks from its payroll (a full 5 percent of its workforce) but has no plans to change its overall product strategy. In fact, perhaps due in part to the layoffs, it looks to post full-year revenues of $46 billion or more, above analyst estimates. In other words: expect more RAZRs and RAZR-alikes. As long as they follow the V6 MAXX theme, though, that may not be an entirely bad thing.