Flash-based Zune due in Q407, better WiFi soon

It looks like the same discussion with Chris Stephenson that yielded that 2007 European Zune launch figure also gave up a few more details about the Zune line: apparently we can expect a flash-based Zune for the holiday season later this year (damn they're taking their dear sweet time on that) and apparently Stephenson also hinted at "a truly WiFi-enabled device" at some point in the future, according to Digital Music News. We don't really know what that means, but if it is what we think it is -- a version of the Zune that does all the things with its WiFi that the first version should have, like support over-the-air downloads and unencumbered sharing of subscription music -- then we might have to throw a little fit up in this piece. Zune peeps, we know you're reading this: upgrade the firmware and add the features, don't try to sell us a v2 device that does what the V1 device can and should. That is all.

[Zune mockup courtesy of Brian J]