Intel set to challenge NVIDIA and AMD/ATI in discrete graphics biz

There's been rumors, but Intel looks to have finally made its challenge to the NVIDIA, AMD/ATI establishment official, revealing some details of its so-called Larrabee project in a new round of job postings on its website. Now less-mysteriously named the Visual Computing Group, the division looks to be taking square aim at the two big players in the graphics business, promising to deliver "discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms." In other words, a big step up from Intel's current underpowered integrated graphics offerings. Unfortunately, that's about all that Intel's saying about the project for the time being, and given that the first official word we're about it comes in the form of a job posting, it's probably safe to assume that we're still a ways off from actually seeing any products come out of the newly-formed group.

[Via Slashdot]