iPod click-wheel target of latest Apple lawsuit

They're a little slow out of the gate with this one, but U.K.-based Quantum Research Group has decided to get litigious with Apple nonetheless, claiming that the familiar iPod click-wheel violates its patent on "charge-transfer technology." Apparently, the legal action actually got going all the way back in December of 2005 but has only been made public now. While the merits of the claim remain to be seen, unlike some lawsuits we've covered, Quantum Research at least actually makes regular use of its various patents, providing its capacitive sensor technology to a wide range of companies, including Logitech, Meizu, Samsung, and Sony, among others. For its part, Apple unsurprisingly denies the company's allegations, also going so far as to file counterclaims for "non-infringement and invalidity." It's apparently not all animosity between the two companies, however, with Quantum CEO Hal Philipp telling Electronics Weekly that he "respects Apple products," also adding that he "expects Quantum to gain from the buzz around its iPhone" and hopes that it doesn't contain "Quantum-patented charge-transfer technology."

[Thanks, gamebittk]