Rohm unveils "world's smallest" LED: PicoLED

If you dig the nearly endless applications for jazzing up almost anything with light emitting diodes, you'll be thrilled to know that a Kyoto-based firm has now crafted an even smaller rendition of our favorite lighting gizmo to give you even more flexibility when brightening up your life. Joining the bloated list of "world's smallest" gadgets, Rohm's latest LED, dubbed the PicoLED, comes in at just 1- x 0.8- x 0.2-millimeters in size, besting the previous title holder of 1.6- x 0.8- x 0.2-millimeters. The firm purportedly aims to pump out around 10 million of these bantam diodes per month when it hits mass production in April, and if you've got some serious buying power, you can pick these up for around ¥100 ($0.83) apiece and go absolutely wild.

[Via PlasticBamboo]