BackupBluray available now too

Blu-ray Vs HD DVD

We knew that once AACS was compromised on HD DVD, Blu-ray wouldn't be too far behind -- and sure enough, now that they've figured out how to extract the keys for Blu-ray, an appropriate utility called BackupBluray is chillin in the wild. With Usenet and Torrents bringing HD DVD and now Blu-ray movies to movie lovers everywhere, we have to sit back and wonder what the AACS will do. There is little doubt that they planned for keys to be exposed -- but not this quickly -- and now that they have, how they respond could influence the outcome of either format. According to Kevin Collins of Microsoft, it is simply a matter of revoking the exploited software player keys. But how will that affect the law abiding early adopters? Is it even worth it for them to worry, considering those titles are already readily available. Maybe BD+ wasn't such a bad idea after all.