Nokia E61i clears FCC

The QWERTY device market is perhaps hotter now than it's ever been before (and that's saying a lot); far be it from Nokia to let good ol' Symbian get left out of the party. The E61i -- which we've now seen plenty of ahead of its official unveiling -- has cleared the FCC, and while we're certainly not taking that to mean it'll bring any 3G bands us yanks can use (what a novel concept!), we take this to be a good sign that we'll all be able to head down to our friendly local Nokia flagship store and pick one up for quadband GSM / EDGE use. As a refresher, the E61i picks up where the E61 and E62 left off, adding a cam and microSD expansion (so we hear) -- but let's be honest, in the year 2007, it's probably gonna take some UMTS to catch much love.