Runometer maps your Nike+iPod data to running routes

We know many of you (including yours truly) recently took up running just to bask in that sweaty gadgety goodness of the Nike+iPod collaboration. Sure, the out-of-the-box experience is good, but wouldn't it be nice to have more control over your run data? The folks at Gordian Labs think so and built the Runometer site for that purpose. They provide all the details you'll need to extract and upload your run data from the bowels of the iPod. Once uploaded, you can manage and share your runs with others and even map the data to your running routes uploaded from GPS data or from tracings done in Google Maps. It's not as polished as the Nike+ site but as they say, the site is "not even in Beta" yet. Of course, if you choose to upload your data to the site we can't guarantee it won't end up in the hands of the government or other aliens looking to track your whereabouts. But if you're feeling like sticking it to the man (however you may define that) then go ahead, it don't cost nothin' but your time.

[Via Hack A Day]