South Korea warns against willy nilly Vista upgrades

So, you've saved up your won for one of those overpriced Vista Ultimate upgrades, or maybe even scraped together enough change to grab yourself a spankin' new Vista-based box come January 31st, but the South Korean government doesn't recommend you pull the trigger just yet. See, South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, and Financial Supervisory Service have all come out against widespread Vista upgrades, advising Joe Consumer -- er, Kim Consumer -- to hold off on upgrading until ActiveX compatibility issues can be worked out. Apparently banks, portals, online games and online shops have relied a bit too heavily on the sometimes insecure ActiveX controls, and are scrambling to make their sites compatible with Windows Vista's new approach to ActiveX. Microsoft has been working with banking services and others to promote compatibility, but the changes are taking longer than it expected, and its not delaying the OS further to appease the stragglers. So the best the South Korean institutions can do is issue said warnings and hope for the best when the 31st rolls around.

[Via The Inquirer]