ACCESS renames Palm OS to "Garnet OS," Treo users die a little more inside

It's no secret: ACCESS hates you, and your futile little wishes for a usable, stable and connected OS. Just to rub it in, ACCESS is even destroying that one thread of hope you've clung to all these years while your buddies left the faith for Windows Mobile or other abominations. Palm OS is no more. That's right, you're a Garnet OS fanboy now that ACCESS has officially renamed Palm OS to Garnet OS -- just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? ACCESS calls this one of two "milestones in our evolution as a leading provider of a range of technologies, solutions, platforms and products specifically designed for the mobile phone and converged device markets." We're not sure what that's supposed to mean, but at least ACCESS didn't try to write this off as an attempt to reduce customer confusion, there's no chance of that at this point. The other milestone is the announcement of the "ACCESS Powered" logo, which will denote -- you guessed it -- ACCESS powered products, which we suppose will include Palm products for the moment, even though Palm has taken most of the Garnet development reins of late. What we're specifically hoping it means is that ACCESS is finally prepping to debut its long-awaited ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), and just needed a fancy logo to slap on and make everything official.