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T-Mobile promises three free months of WiFi for Vista users

We know, it's a tough call. Do you stick with the operating system you finally got running like a well-oiled machine, or do you throw caution to the wind and pick up Vista even though service packs are already in the works? Just in case you needed a little more persuading to upgrade your laptop to Microsoft's latest OS, or to snag a brand new machine with Vista pre-installed, T-Mobile is hoping to coax users by offering up three months of free hotspot service at the firm's North American WiFi access points found at Starbucks, Borders, FedEx-Kinkos, hotel chains, etc. Interestingly, the offer actually goes "live" on Australia Day, while the freebie comes to an end on April 30th, so if you somehow acquire yourself a copy before the January 30th street date, you can snag a few more precious hours of gratis surfing courtesy of Mr. Gates and T-Mobile.

[Via BetaNews]