Wowwee Robosapien RS Media gets reviewed

Although it seems like we've been seeing an awful lot of Wowwee's robotic zoo of late, the kind folks over at TechCast actually gave their Robosapien RS Media a bit more than 15 seconds of YouTube fame, and have thrown down a relatively thorough review on whether this intriguing creature is worth your hard earned dollars (or pounds). After calming down from the excitement reviewers felt when just opening the box, a careful look at the "impressive spec list" revealed that this bot was actually quite a good value considering the list of accomplishments (and possibilities) this guy holds. As the name implies, this Robosapien has a flair for media, and in that department it did quite well, but the poor fellow's inability to walk with any sort of haste was a slight buzz kill. Interestingly, it was noted that the robot has the potential to either floor new owners or terrify youngsters, and although we can't assume that his experience will mimic everyone's, he found that the amazingly high fun-factor quickly wore off, and deemed it a novelty at best. However, for the younger crowd, it was insinuated that the RS Media has the ability to charm and sucker them into programming early on, suggesting that age probably plays a huge role in whether or not you'll get your money's worth on this one. Nevertheless, the bot must have resorted to the sad puppy dog face in the end, as it still earned the TechCast Recommended Award, so be sure to hit the read link for the full rundown of impressions and a live action video to boot.