ACCESS to partake in 3GSM festivities

It's perfectly understandable if you're still grieving after yesterday's news dashed any hopes of Palm OS ever resurrecting itself, but your new leader has just announced that it'll be showing its stuff at the 3GSM World Congress next month in Barcelona, Spain. Working with the "Unleash Your Digital Life" them, it looks as if ACCESS is planning on showcasing elusive "ALP products, NetFront Browser, and the NetFront Mobile Client Suite / Media Player," all while dodging arrows from Palm OS fanboys, we're sure. Furthermore, the firm does throw in a snippet about Garnet OS along the way, but doesn't specifically mention any hardware partners that might be getting announced on the big stage. Nevertheless, at least ACCESS can't conquer Palm OS and then run for cover, as you'll be hearing a good bit more from this crowd come February 12th.

[Thanks, Alan]