Aston prepping Bee-Box WiFi media streamer

French electronics manufacturer Aston looks set to get in on the WiFi media streamer action, with details of its forthcoming Bee-Box unit now coming to light. While the field's getting increasingly crowded, the Bee-Box looks like it'll set itself apart in at least one respect, being based largely on the open-source VLC media playback software. That means that if VLC can play it (in other words, just about everything), you'll be able to stream it to up to four different TVs within range of your WiFi network (with a Bee-Box on each, naturally). If that's not enough, you'll also be able to put it to work streaming some IPTV, including France's Freebox TV service. Look for it to launch in Europe this March for an even 100 Euros ($130).

[Thanks, Fred]