Oppo unveils sleek 2GB V5 widescreen PMP

While you may be a bit more familiar with Oppo's upscaling DVD player lineup, the company is hitting us up with an ultra-sleek "credit card sized" portable media player this time around. The V5 touts a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, three-inch touchscreen LCD, and a design that bears striking resemblance to your run-of-the-mill digiframe. Nevertheless, the 2GB V5 relies on an overly simplistic control scheme, leaving the buttons on top of the unit's frame rather than around the bezel, and comes in at just 11-millimeters thick. Although the company seems a bit more interested in just how pretty this thing looks than dishing out the juicy details, we do know that your MP3 and MPEG4 files will play back just fine here, but any info concerning battery life, availability, or pricing are noticeably absent.

[Via TheMP3Players]